Five Songs, 12/3/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 12/3/2021

Alejandro Escovedo, "Chelsea Hotel '78"

Escovedo is one of those artists that has had a long recording career, and someone whose name I'd seen in a bunch of places, but I didn't really know anything about him. I picked up what was, at the time, his latest record...and still don't really know much about him. It's good, but didn't really grab me all that much either.

Wilco, "One and a Half Stars"

Ode to Joy is the latest Wilco album, from 2019. It comes after two solo Jeff Tweedy records, which I thought were better than the previous couple Wilco records. So, is it more like Warm (good) or Star Wars (bad)? More good than bad, I think? It's not top-tier, but it's a solid record.

The Ethiopians, "Woman's World"

Ever want to know what rocksteady is, as opposed to ska? Listen to this record, a quintessential rocksteady record. You probably still won't know anything about rocksteady, but you'll at least have listened to a bitchin' record.

Negativland, "Announcement"


Can't wait to see if we get some good comedy this time around!

The Nation of Ulysses, "Depression III"

Heh, not bad.

Ghostface Killah, "The Forest"

This album falls between two of my favorites from Ghostface, and kind of suffers in comparison. It doesn't have that incredible, dusty production from the RZA, but hasn't yet been fully detached from reality like his next record. It's certainly not bad, but I don't listen to it very much.

Joshua Buergel
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