Five Songs, 12/30/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 12/30/2021

Serpent Column, "Pantheoclasm"

The other day, Plague Rages Podcast was complaining that there's no great term for this sort of band, which isn't really death metal, not tech death, just really out there, chaotic, and dissonant. I proposed "omnicore", and honestly, that's not such a bad term.

Queens of the Stone Age, "Tangled Up In Plaid"

Lullabies to Paralyze is a record that kind of ties together the strands of their previous albums. It kind of picks up the psych of Rated R, the musculature of Songs for the Deaf, the stoner vibes of the self-titled, and pulls it all together into a single record. It's a consolidation of their skills that allowed them to kind of tie a bow on period of their career, allowing them to really go nuts with their next record.

People Under the Stairs, "Tales of Kidd Drunkadelic"

I think about the moment when the drums drop in this song pretty often. Just a really nice moment.

Descendents, "Silly Girl"

I think among the things that came together for the Descendents with this record is that their production basically reached its final form. Essentially every Descendents and ALL record after this more or less sounded just the same as record.

Gas Huffer, "Going to Las Vegas"

One of the highlights of the outstanding debut record from Gas Huffer, this is just pure garage rock, but it's irresistable. "Night Train to Spokane" will always be my favorite, for obvious reasons, but this is such a good record. It's guileless, it just wants to have a good time.

Joshua Buergel
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