Five Songs, 12/31/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 12/31/2021


As I stagger out of 2021, this thing has been more challenging to keep as a daily thing. I suspect that at some point in 2022, I'll probably miss an update and break my streak. And furthermore, I might have to step back the frequency a bit to provide some room for other creative projects. I still haven't decided, but this is the time of year for reflection, I suppose. I would like to spend more time learning the bass. I'd like to make more progress on a game design. It's hard to get too far with those when I keep up with this blog at this pace.

At any rate, no hard decisions, and in the short term at least, we're going to just keep going here.

Deltron 3030, "Mastermind"

Nice to get a real track from this album. Given that about half of the tracks are little scene-setting things instead of full songs, it's not a given. Del tha Funkee Homosapien is really such a great match with these futuristic beats.

Iron Maiden, "The Number of the Beast"

With the arrival of Bruce Dickinson, the final piece of the puzzle fell in to place for Iron Maiden. While I really like Killers quite a bit, this is the album where Maiden made the leap to being the most important band in metal, at least for a few years. This record and the couple after it are essentially the template that every band in metal was either trying to recreate or was trying to work in opposition to.

Snoop Dogg, "Crazy"

This is just a nice, pleasant track.

Slint, "Nan Ding"

Before making their sad post-hardcore masterpiece, Spiderland, Slint's first record saw them playing with some of the same dynamics and noises but deploying them in different ways. The result is almost more of a post-rock kind of feel. Tweez is for your head, Spiderland is for your heart.

KC Bowman, "Love Behold the Sky"

I first became familiar with KC Bowman as one of the songwriters in Lawsuit, the brilliant pop (?) band from Davis, CA who I only knew thanks to a friend who went to the university there. I eventually became aware of this solo release, and mail ordered it direct from the label, and it does not disappoint. Bowman is a fine pop songwriter, and his willingness to use horns in his arrangements is a delight. If you like this tune, please go check out this record.

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