Five Songs, 12/7/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 12/7/2021

Ohio Players, "It's Your Night / Words of Love"

Daaaaaaaamn. The mid-70s Ohio Players albums were all ridiculously good.

Karl Hendricks Trio, "The Official Shape of Beauty"

I have a hard time picking my favorite album from the Karl Hendricks Trio. I often lean towards the first couple records from them because it felt special I was listening to them that early, and I saw them so often in those early days. But the later albums probably on-balance have better songs? I think the sweet spot might actually be this record, A Gesture of Kindness. Pre-Merge Records, but Karl's songwriting had advanced from his earliest stuff.

Tar, "Muncie"

Tar's final album, Over and Out, wrapped up their arc of gradually getting tamer with each record. By the time they got here, they were sounding pretty, well, rock instead of noise rock. Which isn't to say this isn't a good album, it is, it's just not as raucous as their earlier stuff.

The Skatalites, "Exodus"

This rules. That's all.

Honcho Overload, "Miserable"

Part of the very good 90's Champaign-Urbana scene, Honcho Overload shared members with the much more famous Hum and Poster Children. And, unsurprisingly, they shared a lot of the same sounds - good, sturdy, Midwestern indie rock. This stuff is ultimately rooted in Hüsker Dü, and it's a decent example of the style.

Joshua Buergel
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