Five Songs, 12/9/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 12/9/2021

Prince Paul, "Psycho Linguistics (Convergent Thought)"

Before his masterpiece, A Prince Among Thieves, Prince Paul released an uneven first solo record, Psychoanalysis: What Is It?. There are some good tunes on it, but a lot of kind of self-indulgent meandering, so it's probably not worth pursuing too much unless you're very curious.

Thantifaxath, "Eternally Falling"

Thantifaxath have only made one album, Sacred White Noise, but it's a banger. It's black metal, but it uses a ton of atmosphere to generate a consistently creepy tone without just relying on howling fury. The ability to dial it back manages to throw the chaotic moments into greater contrast. Mastery of dynamics is such an important thing for all bands, but especially extreme metal bands. Keeping everything on 11 all the time just results in fatigue.

Daft Punk, "Give Life Back to Music"

Hell yeah disco!

The Scofflaws, "After the Lights"

I've talked a lot about how the smirky tone of third wave ska bands could grate. But being lighthearted is fine! And the Scofflaws second record, Ska in Hi-Fi, hits that tone well. It's goofy, but it's clear they're just having a good time with it, and the record is infectious.

Obits, "I Blame You"

Listen to that guitar tone! Only 1:07, but a real charmer.

Joshua Buergel
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