Five Songs, 7/6/2017
Five Songs

Five Songs, 7/6/2017

Usually, when I do one of these, I go and listen to a bunch of music by one of the artists that popped up. Today, that's Sicko. Go listen to Sicko, people! Here's one song of theirs!

Also, new record: I had to upload three of these songs myself. That's annoying!

Surgery, "Mistake"

Every now and again, a band sometimes puts out a thing that's way above their average. Surgery, a scuzz-rock Amphetamine Reptile band, managed that trick with their EP, Trim, 9th Ward High Roller, a release that was inexplicably far better than anything else they'd done. This song, however, is not from that record, but from the earlier Nationwide, which is only ok.

For the record, do not search for "surgery mistake" on YouTube. You will not get what you want.

Screeching Weasel, "Kathy Isn't Right"

I see we're traveling all the way back to Josh's college years, where punk and noise rock ruled the roost. There's only so much you can say about Screeching Weasel: it's pretty straight ahead pop punk. The Lookout records (My Brain Hurts, Wiggle, Anthem for a New Tomorrow) are their best work, and they're all excellent, but you can listen to this song and decide if they're for you or not.

Lambchop, "JFK"

On their most recent album, FLOTUS, Lambchop have used more electronic elements than they have before. I'll be curious to see if they continue in that direction or not. Over the course of more than a dozen albums, it's hard to predict where they're going to go next.

Nice Nate, "Lost Boy (Ode To Rufio)"

An instrumental tribute to Charles Mingus, this is one of those random Bandcamp finds that are always so much fun to discover. One of the things everybody should be checking out is the periodic roundups they do on Bandcamp listing the top albums of whatever period. I always find several interesting and new things in those lists.

Sicko, "High Hopes"

I really do think the world of this band, and it kind of kills me that nobody really remembers them. Alas. This is from A Brief History of Sicko, which compiles a miscellaneous pile of comp songs, 7"s, some miscellaneous unreleased songs, and the recording of their last ever concert. As with most collections of this sort, it's pretty uneven, but it's worth getting if you like the band. And if you don't like the band, don't tell me.

This is the live version of this song, which also appears on their first album, You Can Feel The Love In This Room.

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