Five Songs, 7/7/2017
Five Songs

Five Songs, 7/7/2017

I had kind of forgotten about this Marnie Stern record, and I'm so grateful that shuffle pulled it up. Check out this song, and then go listen to the rest of the album.

Iron Maiden, "Another Life"

This song is from Killers, which pre-dates Bruce Dickinson joining the band. Overall, the band had a more raw sound during this time period, although the dual guitar attack and galloping bass is still present. I actually really like the album a lot, while recognizing that the band is a bit different of a beast without Dickinson around.

Eric Clapton, "Running on Faith"

I don't remember getting this album, so I'm guessing this is originally one of Megan's albums. This is from Unplugged, a mix of covers and originals which served to really bring Clapton back into the limelight. I don't really have a ton else to say about Clapton, honestly. This has been a lukewarm take.

They Might Be Giants, "Lie Still, Little Bottle"

It's been an entire month since we've heard from TMBG! I'm getting the shakes! Anyway, this is one of the songs from Lincoln that had my mother concerned that I was listening to a bunch of melancholy stuff, along with "Pencil Rain". I think she could just hear bits and pieces of it filtering up from the basement, and it didn't sound very happy to her.

Marnie Stern, "The Crippled Jazzer"

It's a little hard to describe Stern's music. Central to it is Stern's guitar work, all jagged splinters and fractured starts and stops. The other huge attraction is Zach Hill's (Death Grips, Hella) frantic drumming, which I could listen to all day as well. And the production is great. Basically, this is great. I love this record. I hate the name, though: This is It and I Am It and You Are It and So Is That and He Is It and She Is It and It Is It and That Is That. Or, you know, the yellow-ish album.

MU330, "Nothin's Allright"

An older track from MU330 here, with more emphasis on the horns this time around.

Joshua Buergel
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