Five Songs, 2/1/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 2/1/2021

The Cinematic Orchestra, "Flite"

Last time, I described this band as sounding like a movie soundtrack from a Ninja Tune band. Not a bad description! But this sounds like maybe something that got left off of Music Is Rotted One Note. Still good!

Inquisition, "Darkness Flows Towards Unseen Horizons"

Don't listen to these assholes! This album is from 2013, which I picked up before a bunch of bad shit came to light about them, but fuck these guys!

Pinkwash, "Gumdrop"

Much better! Still don't know a ton about them, so let's recap: from Philly, this record is good.

The Presidents of the United States of America, "Video Killed The Radio Star"

Yes, a cover of the Buggles song. I feel like this song is really only famous because it's the answer to the trivia question "what was the first video on MTV?" Without that, it would likely have just been another perfectly OK and forgotten pop song. Decent rendition here, though.

Mastodon, "Curl of the Burl"

This is one of the highlights of The Hunter, the most easy-listening (?) of Mastodon's albums. This is still a big chunk of metal, but it's a much simpler song structure than the stuff on previous albums, and it's a song that hangs with you pretty quickly.

Joshua Buergel
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