Five Songs, 2/2/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 2/2/2021

Ghostface Killah, "Wildflower"

Ghostface's first solo record, Ironman, is very good. A RZA produced record from 1996 couldn't help but be good. But I think Ghostface's unique personality hadn't quite fully come through, and the production hadn't quite yet differentiated totally from the Wu-Tang Clan. So it doesn't reach the heights of many of Ghostface's later records.

Algiers, "Blood"

The first Algiers record is a heady mix of gospel and murky post-punk, a combination that immediately stands out from basically anybody else out there. While there are moments when you can kind of see the seams, it's a prety incredible record, especially for a debut.

Kid Koala, "Strut Hear"

This is the opening of Kid Koala's first full length, a fantastic DJ record full of out there, inventive stuff. I highly recommend it! Also, my old dog would absolutely lose his shit when I put this record on. Something about it short-circuited his tiny little brain and he could just not cope with it. It was like running ten vacuums around him. I promise I didn't put it on too often around him.

Mos Def, "Ms. Fat Booty"

For about two or three years, Mos Def was the best in the business. Black Star and Black On Both Sides are both all-timers, untouchable classics that still hit hard today. And while he couldn't keep that up, those two albums are still more than enough for an impressive career.

Liza Constable, "Born To Be Blue"

I don't know much about this record, this one came from Megan, and I have a suspicion that it might be someone she might actually know. She might let us know in the comments! I can say that Discogs has never heard of this release, so that's something. Pleasant listen, though.

Joshua Buergel
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