Five Songs, 2/10/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 2/10/2021

Stevie Wonder, "Superwoman (Where Were You When I Needed You)"

Music Of My Mind was the album where Stevie Wonder found another gear. He was a one-man band at this point, and he had really mastered writing a complete record. From here through Songs in the Key of Life, there was nobody better, and that five album stretch might be the best anybody has ever made.

Vampire Weekend, "A-Punk"

I'm not going to say anything revelatory about this song or album, so lemme just say that this song is such a goddamn blast in Rock Band, both on the drums and singing. Both at the same time is fuckin' hard, though.

Leviathan, "Dawn Vibration"

Leviathan is a long-running black metal band, really just Jef Whitehead, with this album being the last one he put out. I hadn't heard him before, and so I picked this one up after reading some good reviews. At which point, of course, I learned about his arrest and eventual conviction domestic battery several years prior. Don't listen to this, is what I'm saying! I have gotten better about researching these bands BEFORE buying anything, at least.

Peter Bjorn & John, "Young Folks"

If you search for "hipster song with the whistling", Google accurately pulls up this song. Good tune, though!

MF DOOM, "Poo-Putt Platter"

RIP MF DOOM. You were one of the great ones.

Joshua Buergel
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