Five Songs, 2/10/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 2/10/2022

Jonwayne, "Afraid of Us"

A tasty drum loop here, and a nice lightweight structure up on top of it. Appropriate for a contemplative track like this one, this is just a solid song all around.

Delerium, "Sorrow"

A project from a couple of guys from Front Line Assembly, the industrial act out of Vancouver, Delerium goes in an ambient direction, as I suppose you can hear. This sort of thing doesn't make my wheels squeak, so I only have this one EP from them. Maybe their other stuff is banging? Probably not.

Thelonious Monk, "Misterioso"

Goddamn, love that vibraphone, whew!

DJ Vadim, "Are You Sure"

Fuck me up with those drums, DJ Vadim!

The Replacements, "I'll Buy"

And let's finish up today with a classic Replacements track, and I again don't have a lot to say. I really love Tim. It's good! We're done here!

Joshua Buergel
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