Five Songs, 2/11/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 2/11/2022

Japandroids, "Younger Us"

Lots of music gets described as "anthemic", and I've sometimes wondered what people mean by it. I think for me, it describes something that you want to shout along with, preferably with other people. Not sing, mind you. Shout. That's an anthem, something to get you pumped up. The song has to ring, you know? Japandroids, of course, perfectly fit that template. How could you not want to shout along with this?

The Descendents, "Grudge"

The Descendents got together last year to record a "new" album, 9th & Walnut, named after the location of their first practice space. It's actually a collection of their earliest songs, which hadn't ever been released, played more or less as they originally wrote them. It's kind of fun!

Radiohead, "The Numbers"

I'm not sure why I don't really care for A Moon Shaped Pool. Probably I just haven't paid much attention to it. I guess I don't really feel like I want to tackle it, because I'm not convinced that I'll get the payoff I'd be hoping for. Maybe I'm just lazy! But, I mean - I could listen to that Descendents song three times in the time this song takes.

Cloud Nothings, "Running Through The Campus"

From October 2020, this finds the Cloud Nothings in an almost Apples in Stereo mode. But nothing wrong with a pop song! Except the ones that suck. Don't care for those.

Avail, "Monroe Park"

Rip it! This is from a Lookout Records sampler from 1996, and I know nothing about Avail. But who cares, this is a a buck twenty-six punk song, let's roll!

Joshua Buergel
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