Five Songs, 2/12/2018
Five Songs

Five Songs, 2/12/2018

Songs over here.

Mudhoney, "Make It Now Again"

It takes a bit for this to turn into a classic Mudhoney song, but once it gets rolling, it's aboslutely vintage. This is from that rarities collection March to Fuzz, which really is a lot of fun.

Rogue Wave, "Publish My Love"

Underground pop band Rogue Wave kind of sound like an amalgam of about a half-dozen other underground pop bands from the early 2000s. It's certainly well done, but it never really got me excited. I mean, I only own two albums!

Rufus Thomas, "Itch and Scratch"

Another joyous track from Rufus. It's no wonder he was a star.

Benton Falls, "All These Things"

I love the peak towards the end of the song with about a minute left. Compare this to the track above from Rogue Wave - both bands were active at the same time. I know which one I'd rather listen to!

Mable John, "Don't Hit Me No More"

Oh, another Stax track today, that's nice! (listens to lyrics) Holy shit.

Joshua Buergel
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