Five Songs, 2/11/2018
Five Songs

Five Songs, 2/11/2018

Today's music.

Dis, "Untitled"

Back in the day, when CDs were still fairly novel, some bands felt compelled to goof around with the medium. The best known of these goofs, and one of the most annoying, was the "hidden track", where bands would put in a long period of silence and then follow with an extra song. Not only was the silence super annoying, but the extra song was seldom any good.

Here, Dis treats us with another variant of goofing with CDs. They took a single five minute song ("Girlsong") and smeared it across 22 separate tracks. We got one of those, a 11 second slice of a larger song. I dunno about you, but I love hearing my songs stutter step repeatedly.

The Raconteurs, "Yellow Sun"

Jack White (of the White Stripes) formed this other band with his friend Brendan Benson, putting out two records of really solid rock. While it doesn't show the same restelessness of the White Stripes' best work, there are still a lot of really excellent songs on both records, and I enjoy them both quite a bit.

Jonathan Coulton, "Dissolve"

Not only did Coulton tour with They Might Be Giants a bunch, but this album was actually produced by John Flansburgh, which makes a lot of sense when you listen to it.

The Smiths, "Girl Afraid"

I'll never be as cool as Ruth and Martin's Album Club, which is sad, but they did partially inspire me to at least try out this whole project. So that's nice, and you can blame them. Why do I bring them up now? Because Martin's description of how Marr and Morrissey met is amazing.

400 Blows, "Everyone Is Silent"

This is just punishing rhythm all the way through. Which is to say it's delightful.

Joshua Buergel
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