Five Songs, 2/12/2019
Five Songs

Five Songs, 2/12/2019


White Lung, "Kiss Me When I Bleed"

Been a little while since we've had any Canadian punk! I've missed it! They're from Vancouver, it's lovely to have some singing not from a dude, and the guitar work is righteous.

Sicko, "Kenny (Live)"

Yeah! More punk! Seattle is basically in southern Canada, I'm going to count it. The live stuff is inessential, but I'll take any Sicko material I can get.

Sweet Baby, "Three Inch Smile"

I cannot, in good conscience, count northern California as part of Canada. Sorry. It's still pretty punk, though! Sweet Baby was only around briefly, but it was still long enough for Lookout Records to release not just an album, but a comp consisting of their demo as well as a pile of assorted leftovers. If you're thinking that 40 tracks of random ephemera from an unknown one-and-done punk band from the 90s is probably inessential, you're right! Today is inessential punk day! Well, that White Lung album is really good.

Wu-Tang Clan, "Tearz"

One of the central tenets of punk has always been a DIY ethos, that you just pick up an instrument and play. And beyond that, punk was about building your own scene, taking control of your music, not being pushed around by the suits. By those metrics, it does not get any more punk than the Wu-Tang Clan, a band that was driven from the beginning to do things their way, strictly on their own terms. STILL ALL PUNK TODAY

Cursive, "The Game Of Who Needs Who The Worst"

Uh, uh, uh, lesse...originally, emo was an outgrowth of hardcore, as embodied by Rites of Spring and the like, and there's something very emo about this era of Cursive. Oh, and, uh, it's super punk to write an entire album about your disintegrating marriage, right? And he says fuck! I'm counting it!

Joshua Buergel
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