Five Songs, 2/13/2019
Five Songs

Five Songs, 2/13/2019

Here's today!

Bruce Springsteen, "Does This Bus Stop At 82nd Street?"

Have I talked about Springsteen before? I'm not gonna look. And nobody is going to tell me!

Uh, I don't listen to a lot of his stuff. I only own this album. I dunno, you can't keep up with everything! Don't tell me about him!

Hell yes, look at that insight.

The Skatalites, "Black Sunday"

After the second wave of ska fired up, led by Two-Tone Records, interest in the first wave bands increased. The Skatalites, the greatest of those first wave bands, got back together in 1983 and recorded an amazing live set, featuring their entire original lineup, minus the sadly deceased Don Drummond. While I think the outstanding compiliation Foundation Ska is probably slightly better on balance due to its historical value, the release of that live set (Stretching Out) is more coherent and is their best album that was recorded as an album.

The Game, "Don't Need Your Love"

Hilariously, this track in my collection is annotated "(Album Version (Explicit)) [feat. Faith Evans] [Explicit]" Good lookin' out, music collection. Anyway, what can I say about this track? Uh, this song blows.

Chris Lawhorn, "Caustic Acrostic / Two Beats Off / Epic Problem / Number 5"

Why listen to only one Fugazi song at a time, like a chump, when you could be listening to four? Chris Lawhorn's project, of mashing up Fugazi songs like this, seems like it was basically just created for me. Thanks, Mr. Lawhorn!

Future of the Left, "The Contrarian"

One of the things that Future of the Left started to do that Mclusky didn't really do was to experiment a little bit with their arrangements. It sometimes paid huge dividends, like the amazing "Manchasm", but even on a song like this (the closer to Curses!), it was a fun change of pace.

Joshua Buergel
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