Five Songs Special, 2/14/2022
Five Songs Special

Five Songs Special, 2/14/2022

Valentine's Day! Let's do a special!

The Twilight Singers, "Candy Cany Crawl"

No! That's the wrong kind of candy! Stupid randomizer.

Snoop Dogg, "Candy (Drippin' Like Water)"

That's the wrong kind of candy also! Starting to think that "candy" is mostly used as a metaphor in songs for other things than, you know, candy.

The Spinanes, "Kid in Candy"

First, before we examine the candy content of the song, let's just take a moment and just marvel at how much fun it is to listen to Scott Plouf go on the drums. And Rebecca Gates is always a marvel. What a pleasure.

Anyway, it's a metaphor here again. No mention of candy at all in the song!

The Dambuilders, "Candy Guts"

You know, special gimmick aside, this is a pretty solid list. For the record, I searched for the word "candy" in the library and then randomized among the tracks that showed up. And continuing our bit here: haven't really got the foggiest what this song is about. I guess it's about solos.

Led Zeppelin, "Candy Store Rock"

OK, I don't think anybody is taking our theme today seriously. Guess we're done here!

Joshua Buergel
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