Five Songs, 2/15/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 2/15/2022

Mac DeMarco, "The Way You'd Love Her"

Like a lot of people, I first encountered DeMarco with Salad Days, which is a charming, reverb-soaked album full of ringing guitar tone and low-key songs. It's really enjoyable in the right mood, but I have to say that for me, the rewards declined pretty quickly. It's not that Another One is bad or anything, all the charms of the other album are present. It's just that I don't really listen to it much, it's sort of redundant for me.

J Church, "Viva La Muerte"

J Church in something of a hardcore mode here, which isn't an area that they often occupied. They do it well here, of course.

Duckwrth, "Kiss U Right Now"

Every now and again, I find myself without a whole lot to say about a track. Not anything related to the quality, but sometimes I have no real light to shed on something, no insight into an artist, genre, or whatever. I read about this album in a Bandcamp roundup, and it's good, I like it. That's about all I can really say.

Sleater-Kinney, "Dig Me Out"

Longtime Five Songs readers, first: what are you doing? Second, you may have gradually noticed a slow shift in my response to Sleater-Kinney over the years I've been doing this thing. It started at "I can see the appeal but I can never remember anything from them" and has gradually moved over to "hell yeah, man, put that on". I only had to arrive at that point, like, twenty-five years after everybody else.

Gorilla Biscuits, "(Untitled Hidden)"

And four second of hardcore. We're done here!

Joshua Buergel
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