Five Songs, 2/16/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 2/16/2022

Tilt, "Dental Wreck"

There are certainly things that can be bad about punk. But there's a floor on how bad it gets - if you keep things energetic and the songs short, it's always going to hit at least reasonably well.

They Might Be Giants, "Lost My Mind"

Nanobots had a decent number of these kind of big, dramatic songs from TMBG. It's a bit of a theatrical album, and a solid one from them.

James Brown, "The Payback"

What an iconic track, it still hits like a ton of bricks nearly 50 years later. It was originally going to be part of a blaxploitation soundtrack, but got turned down by the producers, if you can believe that.

El-P, "The Overly Dramatic Truth"

This is from what is really El-P's second proper album, I'll Sleep When You're Dead. One of the things about this record is that he had a lot of guest spots on it, and weaves them all in extremely well. It gives a pretty varied feel to the album, which he underlines by exhibiting a wide range of styles in his productions. It's proof that El-P was still improving as a producer, which he has continued to do over the years, which is extremely impressive.

Emperor, "The Burning Shadows of Silence"

I briefly went over their history last time, so I won't rehash. I'll just say that it's easy to see how the aesthetics of this record became compelling for people determined to make the ugliest possible record they could.

Joshua Buergel
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