Five Songs, 2/17/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 2/17/2022

Intermix, "Voices"

We encountered Delerium the other day, and now we have another side project from the same folks. While their main act, Front Line Assembly, was squarely in the industrial dance category, Leeb and Fulber used different monikers to explore different kinds of electronic music. Intermix was more focused on a more techno oriented approach. Like Delerium, it's not really my bag, so I just have the first album from them.

Natalie Merchant, "My Skin"

Natalie Merchant first found fame as the leader of 10,000 Maniacs, and then had a string of successful albums as a solo artist. I have just this one album, and it's a good record, but once again, not really my bag. It's worth mentioning here that the music collection we're drawing from here includes plenty of records that might have been a gift, or I might have bought without hearing it first, or that ended up in the collection for some other reason. Everything in here is something that somebody at some point (usually me!) thought I might like, but they don't all work out either.

Steroid Maximus, "Big Hedda Meets Little Napoleon"

There's always something disquieting about J.G. Thirlwell's stuff, no matter which band name it's under. Like, is this song name unsavory in some way that I don't really understand? And, of course, the atmosphere of this track is extremely threatening. It sounds like a piece from a horror movie, which is a bit of a cliche, but I think fits here totally. It's kind of making me a little anxious.

They Might Be Giants, "E Eats Everything"

Unfortunately, I have to mention that despite trying to interest my recalcitrant kids in this song to encourage them to eat everything, the song did nothing. It was worth a try.

Hard Girls, "Sign of the Dune"

What a delight! It'll surprise you not at all that Hard Girls guitarist Mike Huguenor has spent a lot of time with Jeff Rosenstock, and this album shares much of the same energy and tunefulness. Just a ripper.

Joshua Buergel
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