Five Songs, 2/16/2018
Five Songs

Five Songs, 2/16/2018

Excellent, punk leaning set today.

Joyce Manor, "Eighteen"

I don't think there's been any period of time after the punk explosion where there were not bands making pop punk of some variety or another. You can basically draw an unbroken line from, say, Stiff Little Fingers up through the bands of today. So, here's Joyce Manor, very much in that classic pop punk tradition. And it's fun!

christian fitness, "other men's wives"

Andrew Falkous with another track from his solo act, which really does pretty much just sound like Future of the Left. Which I mentioned last time, but whatever.

NoFX, "Linoleum"

Speaking of pop punk! NoFX was always more like, I dunno, pop hardcore. Playing at more of a breakneck pace than most of the other pop punk bands, but with the same snotty attitude. This is from Punk in Drublic, my favorite album of theirs.

Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet, "Having An Average Weekend"

Well, here we go. It's the one hit from the Shadowy Men, famous for being the theme song from The Kids In The Hall. Which was a great show! And this is a great song. Great band! Everything is great!

(NB: I linked to a live track, because the studio version appears to be blocked.)

Wire, "Sand In My Joints"

This song comes from Chairs Missing, Wire's follow up to the groundbreaking Pink Flag. And, if anything, it's even better. Wire was an amazing band.

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