Five Songs, 2/19/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 2/19/2021

Tool, "Intolerance"

I picked up Tool's first album when it came out, because they kind of ran parallel to bands like Helmet, who I loved. But they never really did it for me, and I fell off them after this album. I think it's just too clinical for me. Yeah, you can hear some similarities to bands I like, but it needs to be grittier. At any rate, after not falling in love right away, the door was permanently closed by one of the most annoying fan bases in music at the time.

Lungfish, "Mother Made Me"

I wonder if I'd like Lungfish more stoned?

Sean Price & M-Phazes, "Murdah Type Thinkin (feat. Roc Marciano)"

Sean Price's collab with producer M-Phazes is one that I stumbled across because Coalmine Records put it out. I didn't know much about Price when this came out, but enjoy the record.

J Church, "Undisputed King of Nothing"

Hell yeah J Church!

Souls of Mischief, "Intro"

:23 seconds, huh. OK, we're done here!

Look, they can't all be winners.

Joshua Buergel
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