Five Songs, 2/18/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 2/18/2021

Thundercat, "Daylight"

Thundercat is very hard to describe. Jazzy, yeah, but with some R&B, some fusion, some soft rock, some soft jazz? This is from his first album, and he doesn't get any easier to categorize down the road.

Upsilon Acrux, "Death Before Disharmonic"

Upsilon Acrux is very hard to describe too. Math rock, prog, little bit of krautrock here and there, maybe even the occasional jazzy excursion? In the end, I've got to be in a mood to listen to this sort of thing, but in the right frame of mind, nothing else will do.

Gang Starr, "Soliloquy of Chaos"

Daily Operation is Gang Starr's best album, a statement which I think is pretty uncontroversial. While I've never loved Guru, he's effective here, and DJ Premier kills it. A landmark of early 90s rap.

Built to Spill, "Some"

This is actually an alternate take from The Normal Years, a compilation that pulls together some singles, alternates, extra songs from the album sessions, and other ephemera from Built to Spill's early years. It's unnecessary, but can be worth it if you're a big fan of their early stuff. I like it, but that descriptor fits me.

yautja, "dead soil"

All over the place today! Yautja have released only one album, but a bunch of EPs, with this coming from one of those, Dead Soil. A thing I like about them is that there's some real variety in their sound, with this coming in as more like a grindcore song than anything.

Joshua Buergel
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