Five Songs, 2/17/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 2/17/2021

Claw Hammer, "Gut Feeling"

One of the things that we rail against around here are pointless covers. Especially in an age when so many of the originals are easily accessible, a cover really needs to add something. This is doubly true when it's something truly beloved or original. However, it is possible to wrap around on the pointlessness scale of things and loop back around to cool. Claw Hammer turn that neat trick by covering the entirety of Devo's landmark Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo!, playing it pretty straight. Jon Wahl's oddball strangled wail is the primary distinguishing factor, but otherwise, it's Devo's record. Just listen to Devo! And yet...there's a strange attraction. It's pretty bizarre alchemy.

The Presidents of the United States of America, "Volcano"

We've had this song before. It rules! It also gets us a sixth song! NICE

The Toasters, "Talk Is Cheap"

Skaboom! (yes, that's its name) isn't the first Toasters album, but it's the first one that was at all reasonably available. The first album, Pool Shark, I've never heard or seen. So, this is how many people first encountered the band, hearing this song in particular. As a statement of purpose, yeah, this fits. If you like this, you're gonna like the Toasters. No false advertising here!

Sleepyhead, "Fairyboat"

Speaking of false advertising, I think Sleepyhead calling this album Punk Rock City USA is kind of a little untrue. I guess "Indie Rock CIty USA" doesn't have the same ring, huh?

Idles, "Mother"

Now, see, that's punk rock! But, I guess it still couldn't be called "Punk Rock City USA", what with clearly not being American. Whatever, we'll get there folks.

Propagandhi, "Oka Everywhere"

Dammit, shuffle, Winnipeg is in Canada! Fuck it, we'll try it tomorrow.

Joshua Buergel
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