Five Songs, 2/16/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 2/16/2021

Azymuth, "Laranjeiras"

Far Out Recordings released a comp of demos from Azymuth from 1973-5 in 2019, capturing this Brazilian jazz/funk group's sound at the height of their powers. I don't know jack shit about them other than this, but this record seriously smokes.

The Apples In Stereo, "Energy"

You know what? Sometimes it's ok to just enjoy a pop song. This is pleasant. It's nice! It doesn't matter that it's extremely unchallenging.

The Mekons, "Wicked Midnite"

More pop rock, nice. I'll say this: I'm not sure what all I can really add in terms of analysis to this kind of thing. It's another pleasant song. They fit together well, I'm feeling good 'n' rocked here.

Earth Wind & Fire, "Help Somebody"

This is a great example of the kind of scorcher that is all over their debut album. I'm no expert on the band, but from a little bit of sampling their discography, they wouldn't get back to this level until album 6, That's The Way of the World.

Mudhoney, "Real Low Vibe"

Tomorrow Hit Today was the final major label Mudhoney record, with the band returning to Sub Pop after putting this out. Of the three Reprise records, this one is probably the most focused, and the one with the most of their garage sound. It's probalby my favorite of that three as a result, as the other records of that period are a bit of a mess.

Joshua Buergel
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