Five Songs, 2/23/2018
Five Songs

Five Songs, 2/23/2018

Stick with this, it gets good.

Negativland, "The Copyright Law (Part 2)"

The opener to the second disc of the bootleg/semi-official Negativconcertland, and while I think live albums are mostly pointless, a live album of Negativland (which had a big mixed-media audio/visual show) is extra pointless. Feel free to skip this one, y'all.

Snoop Dogg, "10 Lil' Crips"

The Blue Carpet Treatment had multiple moments where Snoop didn't sound totally sleepy, which means it's one of the better late career albums for him. And then I looked, and he's had, like, a billion albums since that one. So, this is now kind of mid-career.

Floor, "Twink"

A nice little instrumental from Floor here, featuring their high/low approach to songs.

Mastodon, "Curl Of The Burl"

For their fifth album, The Hunter, Mastodon retreated from their prog approach which had reached something of a peak with Crack the Skye. In a lot of ways, it paralleled Metallica's career, where that band went from the epics of ...And Justice For All and made a more back-to-basics record with The Black Album (their fifth album). Anyway, I prefer Mastodon's over-the-top prog excesses, so this is not my favorite album from them, although it's still good.

Queens Of The Stone Age, "Go With The Flow"

I guess this bitchin' end to the playlist is the payoff for that Negativland live track above! Anyway, QotSA absolutely killed it with this record, Songs For The Deaf, and this is one of the better songs on the album.

Joshua Buergel
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