Five Songs, 2/24/2018
Five Songs

Five Songs, 2/24/2018

Solid set today.

Two Fingers, "Not Perfect"

Another track from the self-titled Two Fingers album, featuring another collaboration with Sway. As before, this is just delightful.

Modest Mouse, "Tundra/Desert"

I wonder what Isaac Brock sounded like as a kid. Did he sound like, well, himself? Did he warble when he yelled at his siblings? Does he have siblings? I wonder if his parents thought "damn, listen to this kid, he's gonna be a rock star, just listen to that!"

Young Fresh Fellows, "Rotation"

A song from This One's For The Ladies, an excellent mid-career album that's probably the one I'd recommend after The Men Who Loved Music. Dig those flaming guitar solos!

Portishead, "Glory Box"

There are albums that sound like they're soundtracks to movies that don't exist. And then there's Portishead's Dummy, which somehow sounds like the soundtrack to about a thousand films that SHOULD exist. Massive Attack is usually attributed with starting the genre of trip-hop, but it was Portishead who really perfected it. Geoff Barrow's icy cool jazzy productions melded perfectly with cinematic touches and Beth Gibbons's incredible vocals. There's nothing quite like this album, and it still sounds super fresh today, decades on.

M83, "Staring At Me"

A shorter song from M83, but I don't love the synth here. Eh, whatever.


Well, shit. This is a repeat, and last time I liked the keyboard. TUNE IN TOMORROW WHEN I RESUME ARGUING WITH MYSELF.

They Might Be Giants, "I Am Not Your Broom"

William once told me he wasn't my broom. I figured that out all by myself, what with the fact that he wouldn't be caught dead sweeping.

Joshua Buergel
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