Five Songs, 2/25/2018
Five Songs

Five Songs, 2/25/2018

I could get used to sets like today.

Hayaino Daisuki, "Aka"

A delightful EP from a Hydra Head grab bag, this is just pure speed. It doesn't quite sound to me like grindcore, more like thrash being played extra fast. It's sort of comical, but also kind of charming.

What is wrong with me that I find this charming?

The Grifters, "Hours"

This song is from the Grifters' last album, Full Blown Possession. By the time they wrapped things up, most of the truly ramshackle stuff had been worked out of their sound. They no longer were a lo-fi band that sounded like they were recorded in a basement. To be totally honest, I kind of preferred more grit in their sound, but they also never made a bad record.

Prince Paul, "War Party"

This time around, we've got one of the songs from A Prince Among Thieves. Listen to that beat! Goddamn, Prince Paul is a genius. It's hard to just listen to one song off this album and not just go listen to the whole thing.

Nirvana, "Very Ape"

Another track from In Utero, which I sung the praises of last time around. Still great!

Quasimoto, "Fatbacks"

And let's wrap up a very nice set with a great beat and the helium infused rapping of Quasimoto. Nice work today shuffle!

Joshua Buergel
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