Five Songs, 2/24/2019

Five Songs, 2/24/2019

Pretty good one today.

John Coltrane, "Mr. P.C."

I'll have you know that I tried to insert a big ASCII barphic here saying "Josh is not qualified to talk about jazz", but this stupid editor kept mangling it, and I'll only go so far for a throwaway joke.

The Black Keys, "Sinister Kid"

Is this the first Black Keys we've had? Brothers is the last Black Keys album I'll have anything to do with. It's a little strange - I like it quite a bit, there's a lot of fun stuff on it, and I nevertheless didn't even glance at the follow up to it. I'm not really sure why, exactly, but from reading reviews, it doesn't seem like I'm missing much.

Architecture In Helsinki, "Red Turned White"

Sometimes, a band changes things up entirely from one album to another. Architecture in Helsinki, for instance, went from the sweet pop of In Case We Die to the overt dance pop of Places Like This. But, alas, it just sounds kind of like it's a put on. They don't sound genuine, they sounds like they're winking the entire time. It's pretty annoying. It's not a good album, is what I'm saying.

Prince, "International Lover"

Well, what can I say about Prince? Goddamn, listen to his vocals on this thing.

Girl Talk & Freeway, "Tolerated"

As I've mentioned elsewhere, Freeway has always had excellent taste in producers. He teamed up with mashup artist extraordinaire Girl Talk for the Broken Ankles EP. It's delightful, proving Girl Talk can really bring it on an original track. And this is a very Waka Flocka Flame guest appearance.

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