Five Songs, 2/25/2019
Five Songs

Five Songs, 2/25/2019

Little dodgier today.

Starlight Mints, "Irene"

You know what? I remember this band being very, very Pavement-ish. Like, if you had asked me what they sounded like, I would have said something like "imagine Pavement, but shittier" or something equally facile. But, let's face it, this isn't Pavement-y at all! I mean, this is giving off some Robert Palmer kinda vibes here. Maybe I should listen to this album again? Maybe I should stop being a dipshit?

The X-Ecutioners, "Musical Intuition"

The X-Ecutioners were one of the early DJ crews to make a full album that was indended as just a DJ showcase. Highlighting their skill on the decks, the album was at its best when it was focused on turntable pyrotechnics and usually at its weakest when it sort of lapsed into convention. This song, for instance, is just kind of overlong.

Coldplay, "The Hardest Part"


Mudhoney, "Holden"

Hell yes, much better. Listen to how filthy those guitars sound! The essence of garage rock, right there. I'd trade that entire dumb Coldplay album for one lick from Steve Turner or Mark Arm. This is from the second disc of March to Fuzz, the rarities portions of the collection, and that record is magnificent. I should just put this song in the playlist twice.

Mogwai, "Radar Maker"

Mogwai rules, and Young Team rules, but this piece is just a little interstitial thing, so I don't have a lot to say about it. Still better than that Coldplay song, though!

Joshua Buergel
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