Five Songs, 2/24/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 2/24/2022

Pond, "Filler"

As always: not the Australian band, but the grunge-adjacent band from Portland. And also, as always, I'll recommend all three Pond records as being some of the finest from the grunge scene, peripheral as they were. This tune is off their worst album, but it's still a solid slab of rock.

P.D.Q. Bach, "The Preachers of Crimetheus: Ballet in One Selfless Act, S. 988: I. Prologue (Bottomless Sorrow; Topless Gaiety)"

There's a referential thing going on in most P.D.Q. Bach albums, where he'll call back to figures and bits from prior in the album, and listening to single tracks kind of blunts what he's up to. So I'll just recommend sitting down with an album (this one, 1712 Overture & Other Musical Atrocities is a fine choice) and sitting with it.

Fifteen, "The End of the Summer"

One of the seminal bands in the Gilman/Bay Area punk scene was Crimpshrine, whose members went on to do a bunch of other things as well as inspired a lot of folks. Fifteen is one of those successor bands to Crimpshrine, and they rip.

Arsonists, "Venom"

I dunno, feels like shuffle has kind of been on a tear recently. Just all killer shit. Always happy to hear the Arsonists tear it up.

Claw Hammer, "Mongoloid"

And finishing up with Claw Hammer covering Devo. NOT BAD.

Sometimes, I think about just listening to stuff that was released between 1991 and 1995, just to capture my college years. I don't think I'd hate it!

Joshua Buergel
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