Five Songs, 2/26/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 2/26/2022

Melkbelly, "LCR"

LCR is also the name of maybe the worst board game that has achieved any substantial success. I don't know how many copies it has sold, but LCR is an embarrassingly bad game design that has been successful enough to appear in stores for years and years. Just appalling shit.

Zeke, "Rid"

Around here, we have a love for pure, hard-charging garage rock that cannot ever be sated. There is no quantity of fast riffs and shouted vocals that will slake our thirst. So, add Zeke to the pile of bands that have attempted to satisfy our hunger, but we need more.

Geryon, "Lys"

Geryon is half of Krallice, specifically, the rhythm section half. This is all just bass and drums, which is impressive, given the noises kicked out here. As always, we love rock duos around here, and Geryon is no exception,

Lots of royal we today.

We Are The Union, "Boys Will Be Girls"

Ska isn't dead! Ska has never been dead, of course, with the "waves" of ska just representing popular cultural penetration, not necessarily numbers of bands or energy in scenes. We Are The Union is just one band that is carrying it forward, with this coming from their most recent album, 2021's Ordinary Life.

The Beatles, "The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill"

The White Album is really a mess, huh?

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