Five Songs, 2/27/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 2/27/2022

Nitzer Ebb, "Control I'm Here"

That Total Age was more towards the industrial end of industrial dance, with more clanking machines in the sound, and Showtime found them pushing a little more melody in things and varying their arrangements more. This comes from the album in-between, Belief, where they kind of blended those two approaches, and arguably made their more interesting record. There's a risk in industrial dance in ending up in parody, but this album is so direct in its intention that it feels pretty good.

Dis, "Cage Me Safely"

This is from the first Dis record, Small Fry Sessions 1 & 2, where they kick out some of those early 90s indie rock sounds, in a vein similar to bands like Hum and many others. I'm a huge sucker for this stuff, and I also knew Rob Sieracki (bass) back in the day, so this is great! Listen to it!

Amon Tobin, "Stoney Street"

This is the opening track to the first Amon Tobin record, and my god, what a way to arrive. Just a tasty jazz composition assembled out of parts, and sounding incredibly cool. Tobin would go on to try about a billion things with electronic music, and would succeed at most of them.

Lando Chill, "The King of Salem"

I'm still a little disoriented by hip-hop that doesn't center drums in the music. Not that I can't like it, but I just find it a little hard to navigate through it. Like this track, it's interesting stuff, but it's also a little slippery to me. My brain just can't quite hang on to things.

Weezer, "No One Else"

I went to go look at the Discogs page for this album, because I was looking something up. But whatever it was, it immediately fell out of my brain when I noticed that, hilariously, the second credit on this album after Rivers Cuomo is an A&R guy. Pretty much!

Joshua Buergel
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