Five Songs, 2/28/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 2/28/2022


Another month in the books! Still hanging in there on the daily grind, but it's definitely been a little more wobbly.

Leprous, "Alleviate"

Like clockwork, Leprous puts out a record every other year, and with each passing album, they just get more and more theatrical. Is this even metal any more? I don't think so! This is some serious theatre kid rock at this point. Doesn't stop me from buying each of these records, mind you.

Bitch Magnet, "Clay"

We heard from Dis yesterday, and I made a comparison to Hum. But Bitch Magnet would be another good example of the form, although from a couple years earlier. Bitch Magnet also totally ruled, listen to this, I cannot get enough of it.

Yo La Tengo, "Roundabout"

We've had plenty of funny songs here on Five Songs, of both the uninentional and intentional variety. But this cover of "Roundabout" from Yo La Tengo Is Murdering the Classics might be the funniest. I had to listen to it twice in a row.

Cosmic Psychos, "Hooray Fuck"

Australian punk band Cosmic Psychos ended up on my radar thanks to releasing a couple records on Amphetamine Reptile Records, and I basically bought everything they put out. And it's fun! Also fun: I got a beer thrown on me by the band when they opened for the Cows and the crowd got a little obnoxious with them. (Not me, I was just collateral damage.)

New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble, "Harlem Nocturne"

A jazz standard, "Harlem Nocturne" is well-suited to the ska-jazz approach thanks to that sax lead.

Joshua Buergel
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