Five Songs, 2/4/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 2/4/2021

The Chemical Brothers, "Where Do I Begin"

We've talked before about how "Block Rockin' Beats" was (deservedly) a galactic scale hit. I have to wonder how people who bought the record thought about the rest of the album, which is excellent, but which gleefully throws genre after genre into the blender and is pretty all over the map. I'd like to think that people put it on and thought "fuck yeah".

Eagulls, "Yellow Eyes"

Eagulls' debut self-titled record is a very nuts-and-bolts punk record, feeling a lot like a throwback to the Clash and Wire in a lot of ways. None of that is bad, of course, and it's a good listen.

David Porter, "I Got You And I'm Glad"

A late Stax song, from their third act, and this is a great example of the style that a lot of their music was in at the time.

El Michaels Affair, "Easy Access"

The Soul Fire Box Set comp from 2013, featuring a bunch of rare singles, is an absolutely savage set of tunes. If you like soul music at all, it'll blow the top of your head clean off. Listen to this! Goddamn!

The Slackers, "Attitude"

We've had a cut from The Radio on here before, but to recap: ska covers from the third wave mostly sucked! But the Slackers were good at it, and this entire album of covers is a lot of fun. So, yes, this is the Misfits' song. Dig Vic's organ work on this!

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