Five Songs, 2/5/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 2/5/2021

The Arsonists, "Underground Vandal"

The Arsonists' debut album, released in 1999, was very much a throwback record. Not just in sound, but in the way it was created. By 1999, hip-hop had moved into an era of producers being stars separate from rappers. But the Arsonists did everything as a group, including the production, which was unusual for the time.

Times New Viking, "My Head"

There's something so abrasive and unhinged about Times New Viking's particular racket that listening to them really kind of scrambles your brains. Strip away the fuzz, the overdriven amps, the squalls and washes of feedback, and what you get is pretty simple pop songs at the center. Personally, I don't find the artiface all that convincing, so this is the only album I ever picked up from them.

Chevelle, "Open"

This is how the first Chevelle record opens. It goes nowhere in particular, which makes it a fine example of the record, which also goes nowhere in particular.

Ihsahn, "Celestial Violence"

Ihsahn led Emperor, one of the most prominent black metal bands from the early history, with all the negatives of being a part of the Norwegian black metal scene. He would move past the black metal and abrasiveness of those early records, growing gradually more symphonic and prog as he went along, eventually abandoning the Emperor moniker and putting records out under his own name. This from his 2016 release Arktis., is pretty far removed from the churn of 22 years earlier.

Zion I, "Take Over"

This is from the album The Take Over, and is a fine example of boom-bap. Uh, it's good?

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