Five Songs, 2/6/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 2/6/2021

Soccer Mommy, "yellow is the color of her eyes"

This seven-minute tune is the centerpiece of Soccer Mommy's record from last year, Color Theory. This record showed up on a lot of year end lists, and while I think it's good, I'm a little lyric blind at times, so I'm not sure it's grabbed me quite the same way it did others. But take a listen, if you like this, you'll like this album.

They Might Be Giants, "I Was Dancing In The Lesbian Bar"

This comes from More Murdered Remains, a companion piece to the 2018 album My Murdered Remains. The songs on More were pulled from the 2015 and 2018 years of Dial-a-Song, and it's clear that these are not the front-line songs. The 2015 year was already picked over twice with Glean and Phone Power, and 2018 already formed the backbone of My Murdered Remains. So, fundamentally, this set of bonus stuff is going to just be OK. In general, the recent albums where they've sat down and written it as an album have worked better for me (I Like Fun, Nanobots) than the ones pulled from Dial-a-Song.

Nickel Creek, "This Side"

The title track from Nickel Creek's second album, which is excellent, but not my favorite record from them (that would be Why Should the Fire Die?). However, any album that features a cover of "Spit on a Stranger" is a-ok by me.

Dr. Ring-Ding and the Senior All-Stars, "Big Man"

You know what? We're just gonna roll with the doctor here. I'm not going to point out how fundamentally goofy this band is any more.

Idylls, "Slow Control"

I picked this up during a stroll through a best-of list in 2014, something I do mostly because I enjoy being overwhelmed by too many records at once and then being baffled when I encounter them six years later. But I do remember getting this one, and while I do like the moments when you can hear some punk poking through the metal, it doesn't quite make my wheels squeak. Eh, it was five bucks.

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