Five Songs, 2/5/2018
Five Songs

Five Songs, 2/5/2018

Back to those solid playlists.

High On Fire, "The Sunless Years"

More stoner rock from High On Fire, this time from Luminiferous, the most recent record from the outfit. Although, frankly, there's not a ton of variation among their records. You pretty much know what you're getting with them. I guess I'd point to Surrounded By Theives as the best, due mostly to a bitchin' title and dude with an axe on the cover.

Lard, "Drug Raid At 4 AM"

Oh, hell yes. In high school, two of my favorite bands were The Dead Kennedys and Ministry. I then learned that Jello Biafra (ex-front man of the Kennedys) was going to record an album WITH Ministry and decided that yes, I was living in the best timeline. They called themselves Lard, and put out The Last Temptation Of Reid, and my god, it's glorious. Marrying Biafra's overtly political lyrics and weird yelp with Ministry's best balls-out gallop, it's pretty much just wall-to-wall power. At least until the last two tracks, an ill-advised 8-minute plus cover of the old novelty song "They're Coming To Take Me Away" and a fifteen minute tuneless thing called "I Am Your Clock". But never mind, the rest of the album smokes. I pretty much never listen to Ministry any more, but this album still gets regular play. And I quote the "What's this? N.W.A? Turn that off!" all the time.

Hammerhead, "Evil Twin"

The title track from the EP we got the other song from. Today's playlist is threatening to set the bar for "Most Rockin' Five Songs" installment pretty high. Just to recap: Hammerhead was awesome.

Cinerama, "You Turn Me On"

For a period of about six or so years, David Gedge of The Wedding Present was actually happy. And so, he put the Wedding Present to bed and formed Cinerama and played mostly joyful pop for three albums and a handful of singles. Of course, it wasn't to last, Gedge and his girlfriend broke up, and Gedge disbanded Cinerama and re-formed the Wedding Present (with mostly the same people). Cinerama never reached the heights of the Wedding Present. I don't want to say I like Gedge better when he's miserable or anything, but...well, uh, I'd like to not further explore this thought.

Crudbump, "White House"

I would vote for Crudbump.

Didn't quite close out that rocktacular playlist, though.

Joshua Buergel
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