Five Songs, 8/28/2017
Five Songs

Five Songs, 8/28/2017

Some authentically old music, and some music that wishes it was older than it is.

Craw, "Eidolons"

I really cannot emphasize how happy it makes me that there are folks that are going back into our past and bringing bands to our attention. Craw's revival via Kickstarter is one great example, but also labels like Light in the Attic and Numero Group are doing great work. There are so many amazing bands who might have not gotten a fair shake the first time around, and finding them is fantastic. Anyway, Craw is really good!

The Mar-Keys, "Banana Juice (L.P. Version)"

Speaking of things that make me happy, it's the Mar-Keys! Kinda makes me want to dance, but I'm sitting on this couch, so you know, I'll just dance on the inside.

Mary Wells, "I Don't Want To Take A Chance"

Very early Motown track, from the first volume of the compilations, covering 1959-61.

The Apples in Stereo, "The Shiney Sea"

And, after two actually old tracks, we have the Apples in Stereo providing their usual throwback psychedelic pop that only wishes it was from the 60s.

Screeching Weasel, "I'm Not In Love"

And, heck with it, let's do another throwback. Why not? There's not much to say about Screeching Weasel at this point, really.

Joshua Buergel
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