Five Songs, 8/29/2017
Five Songs

Five Songs, 8/29/2017

I try and mention it periodically: there's an index of these posts. Just in case you want to go poking around in there. We also have music for today!

Rocket From the Crypt, "Strangehold"

I know I brought up the horns before, but it really is a shame that the sax is regarded as hopelessly cheesy in a rock context. We should reclaim the sax! Rocket From the Crypt did their part, anyway.

Holy Fuck, "Royal Gregory"

I think I bought this album just because it's called Holy Fuck, and it's by Holy Fuck. Although Allmusic claims this record is actually called LP, and the album BEFORE this one was called Holy Fuck. I guess I have to get that one too? Anyway, with a couple of drummers and a lot of synthesizers, they're making dance music in the vein of LCD Soundsystem. I think more bands should have multiple drummers. Five! Six! WHY NOT?

Coldplay, "Parachutes"

I know that they're regarded these days as just boring-ass Dad rock, and if the deeply boring X&Y is anything to go on, that's spot-on. But I'll still pretty vigorously defend the first two albums, which sure, are pretty sappy and overly earnest, but feature some excellent and memorable songs. This, however, is just a throwaway track off the first album.

The Mars Volta, "Conjugal Burns"

This is the closer for The Bedlam in Goliath, an album that at times almost feels funky, rather than just chaos. Although there's still plenty of chaos. Most of the album is like this track - elaborately constructed and super busy, but really interesting if you just sit and pay attention to it.

The Mekons, "Millionaire"

The Mekons are one of those underground bands that are pointed at by everybody as a yardstick, a favorite band of a billion rock critics that never really had the impact on the mainstream that it feels like they should have. It doesn't really help that the Mekons were restless with their sound, with multiple incarnations, including punk, country, folk, and rock phases. This comes from I Love Mekons, a pretty straightforward rock record. It's always tricky to recommend albums from them, because there's no real guarantee that you'll like the style of any of their albums just because you like one of them.

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