Five Songs, 9/17/2017
Five Songs

Five Songs, 9/17/2017

Starts slow, but some interesting stuff today.

Coldplay, "Swallowed In The Sea"

Like I said last time, I'll defend the first couple albums, but this album (X&Y), NOOOOPE. Too boring.

The Flaming Lips, "Okay, I'll Admit That I Really Don't Understand"

Well, I'm not sure what to do with this album. This is from Zaireeka, the transitional album between *Clouds Taste Metallic and The Soft Bulletin. So, what's the problem? Well, at the time, the Flaming Lips were doing a lot of experimenting with how music is played back. They were doing "car stereo orchestras", where they got a ton of cars together and gave each of them a specific tape, to be played in unison to produce a single piece. They decided, hey, that's cool, and went for an at-home version of that with Zaireeka.

So, somehow, they talked Warner Brothers into releasing a four CD set for the album...which has to be played simultaneously on four different CD players. I've done it, rounded up a bunch of CD players, had people press play at the same time, and then listened. And, I have to say, the experience isn't worth it at all. It's just an OK album with a weird presentation. Oh, and I also learned that CD players have a surprisingly wide variance in how quickly they play stuff.

Anyway, in my collection, I have all four discs ripped, so I have a bunch of quarters of songs. I've also got another rip where the tracks are all overlaid onto each other, so you can listen to it as a normal album. I think I'm just going to always link to that version. Maybe I'll just skip the partial ones when they come up? I'll decide later.

Thelonious Monk, "I Mean You"

YOU: Hey, Josh, what do you think of Thelonious...

ME: (coughs, points at a sign)

YOU: What, are you OK? I was just wondering what...

ME: (coughs louder, points aggressively at the sign)

YOU: You're being very rude, I just wanted to ask...

ME: (bangs on the sign)


(NB: probably not the same version I have.)

Melvins, "My Generation"

Yes, a cover of the Who song, off of The Bride Screamed Murder. The Melvins, for a run of three albums ((A) Senile Animal, Nude With Boots, and this one) decided to not just find another bass player, but screw it, also recruit an extra drummer. To that end, they had Big Business join them for those three records, which is one of the best lineups they've had. I thoroughly enjoy all three of those albums.

Flying Lotus, "Dead Man's Tetris"

Damn, I love this album.

Joshua Buergel
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