Five Songs, 9/18/2017
Five Songs

Five Songs, 9/18/2017

Pretty cool stuff today.

Amon Tobin, "Proper Hoodidge"

It feels like we've had Tobin before, but the mighty and infallible Five Songs Index says no, so here we are. Tobin is probably my second favorite electronic artist after Squarepusher, with Supermodified being my favorite album of his. It's sometimes difficult to say what he does differently from others. I suppose, fundamentally, that there's more of a sense of narrative with his songs. He seems to be going somewhere with his stuff, and sometimes electronic music can seem a little unfocused or aimless.

Incidentally, I consider DJs to be kind of a separate category, because that's the way my brain works, so I don't have to answer where he ranks with DJ Shadow, among others.

David Axelrod, "Song of Innocence"

I found Axelrod's music after looking up the source of the loop in Lil Wayne's "Dr. Carter", which I love. The drum and bass in that loop are amazing, so I decided to check out the original source. It turns out to be Axelrod's "Holy Thursday" from his album Song of Innocense, and the entire album is really good. It's super, duper cool, and you can't help feeling a little cool yourself listening to it.

Cornelius, "Another View Point"

I don't remember picking this up! Yes, it seems like that's happened a fair bit recently. What can I say, I'm an idiot. Anyway, I like this song a lot. Good job, Josh from long ago!

The Apples in Stereo, "The Silvery Light Of A Dream (Part II)"

Horns are good. I like horns. I want a rock band that's nothing but horns. Just wall to wall horns. Somebody make that happen.

HELL ORBS, "Flesh Spectacle"

HELL ORBS, like Amon Tobin, is always going somewhere. I'm not sure WHERE, mind you. But clearly somewhere.

Joshua Buergel
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