Five Songs, 3/1/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 3/1/2021

Invisibl Skratch Piklz, "Cocaine"

I need to go find some turntable artists operating today. I love this shit.

Gob, "I Hear You Calling"

The bit where the collapse the tune to just the main riff at :40 in, that's such a pop punk cliche, and it works on me every time. Especially when the drummer leads out of it by opening up the high hat just a little? Some of these things are cliches for good reason.

Hockey Night, "Get Real"

c'mon josh...gotta think of something to say about this band other than "hurrr, Pavement rip off"...think, josh, think...

[music gets to :42]


clipping., "Knees On The Ground"

clipping. released a single in the wake of the George Floyd protests, to raise money for racial justice causes. Both songs on the single are tough to listen to, as unblinking looks at how the police view Black people in this country, but it's important to listen nonetheless.

Soldat Hans, "Schoner zerbist, Part I"

First of all, it's always a relief when a metal band just puts something like "NO RACISM. NO SEXISM. NO HOMOPHOBIA." on their Bandcamp page. Nice to know where they're coming from! At any rate, Soldat Hans are a doom/folk hybrid band from Switzerland, with a pretty novel approach to things. This album is three songs, two if you treat parts 1 and 2 of this song as the same song. They're pretty interesting, and I like this album a fair bit.

Joshua Buergel
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