Five Songs, 3/2/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 3/2/2021

Wolves in the Throne Room, "Ahrimanic Trance"

Wolves in the Throne Room are one of the biggest bands in black metal, by showing a path that could take the aesthetics of the music but apply a different frame. They merge an ecological consciousness and an atmospheric approach at times that is not just pure fury. It's hacky to say that their music evokes the distant, misty forests of the Pacific Northwest, so I definitely will not do that.

At any rate, this comes from Black Cascade, which was their last album before the atmospheric side of things really stepped to the forefront.

The Vaselines, "Son of a Gun"

I think the intro of this song is from an entirely different song.

Sleater-Kinnery, "Get Up"

This is the sixth Sleater-Kinney song we've had around here (we have a tagging system! It works!) and I'm ready to announce: I really like them a lot when they're mixed in with other bands. Thank you.

La Luz, "Sleep Till They Die"

Seattle's reverb merchants La Luz are a throwback, both to older rock sounds and to surf rock. This comes from Weirdo Shrine, their second album, and is a decent example of the kind of thing they get up to.

Sicko, "Where I Live"

Seattle, represent! From Sicko's first album, they hit the ground running and never slowed down. Listen to that! This is all I want.

Today, we had four bands from the Pacific Northwest, and a band I wouldn't have heard of without Seattle's favorite son highlighting them

Joshua Buergel
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