Five Songs, 3/11/2019
Five Songs

Five Songs, 3/11/2019

I've now posted almost five hundred playlists on this thing. This is indisputably one of them.

DJ Krush, "Intro"

Uh, yup, that's an intro.

Danny Brown, "Juno"

Danny Brown kicks off The Hybrid with a song called "Greatest Rapper Ever", which is exactly the kind of hubris I like to hear from rappers. The album followed several mixtapes, and put Brown towards the front of Detroit's rap scene. The album itself is plenty of fun, carried forward by Brown's relentless energy.

Helms Alee, "Untoxicated"

Helms Alee have a new album coming out! That's exciting! If it's anything as good as Stillicide (which produced this song), it'll wind up as one of my favorites of this year. There's something very Baroness-y about this song, which is a good thing.

The Suicide Machines, "Announcer Ending"

Uh, yup, that's an outro.

Look, sometimes, these things aren't winners.

Napalm Death, "Stigmatized"

That is neither an intro nor an outro, but you'd be excused for thinking that it's some kind of interstitial thing. But no, this is about the average song length for Scum, the groundbreaking album from Napalm Death that more or less kicked off grindcore and broke new ground in how extreme metal could get. Plenty of later bands would surpass this nonsense, but they jumped very far ahead of the pack with this release and made everybody else catch up.

Joshua Buergel
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