Five Songs, 3/12/2019
Five Songs

Five Songs, 3/12/2019


Apathy, "The Grass Ain't Greener"

I know that this is dumb of me, but I still find the idea of a rap album exploring the darker side of Connecticut kind of hilarious. And, you know, there's plenty of material there! The album itself is very good, and Apathy did a bunch of the production himself, which is always fun. This song wasn't one of the ones he did himself, though.

RJD2, "Good Times Roll Pt. 1"

I say this a lot, but still: goddamn, listen to those drums. And the piano sample around one minute in? I could just listen to that all day long.

DJ Shadow, "Corridors"

You know, I almost put above that one of the things that separates RJD2 and DJ Shadow from so many others is immaculate taste in drum samples. But I decided it was a little trite to always be talking about the two of them together, which is what everybody does. Hell, I've probably done it before on this very blog. I'm not going to look, mind you. Anyway, LITTLE ON THE NOSE THERE, SHUFFLE.

Royal Trux, "Cold Joint"

I exhausted my store of things to say about Royal Trux a while ago, so instead, enjoy this article of Royal Trux being a pain in the ass to each other.

Merle Haggard, "Trouble In Mind"

I would much, much rather be listening to Merle Haggard than Royal Trux.

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