Five Songs, 3/11/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 3/11/2022

Lungfish, "My Fool Heart"

I've kind of run down Lungfish often enough here to make it clear that I'm not a big fan, so I won't rehash it. I do wonder occasionally (usually whenever they come up here) if I'm missing something by not going for their later albums and seeing if my opinion would change.

And then I realize that I do have a couple later albums, and had just forgotten that they existed. Whoops! I already answered this for myself.

Looking forward to this whole cycle again in a few months!

Apollo Brown & Joell Ortiz, "My Block"

I really like how there are multiple producers out there who will collaborate with rappers on album-length collaborations. It's a formula that results in a more coherent album than the common late 90s/early 2000s model of having a bunch of producers contribute tracks to an album for a rapper. If I can find a producer I like operating like this, I get both some variety from different rappers and still have be confident I'm going to like the music.

Fontella Bass, "This Little Light of Mine"

This appears to be from a Smithsonian compilation, Folk Masters: Great Performance Recorded Live at the Barns of Wolf Trap, which I assume is from Megan. I don't really know anything about folk, though, so I'll just listen along with you.

The Baseball Project, "From Nails to Thumbtacks"

I never really shared that much music with my dad when he was around, although there were a few bands that we found common ground with. As I've gotten older, some of my tastes have converged with his. He would have loved Sharon Jones, for instance.

But a band he super duper would have loved would be the Baseball Project. He both would have adored the lyrical content, but he also would have appreciated the tunes. It's nice to sit here and think about that connection with him, as hypothetical as it is. Connecting with a memory is still pretty good.

Descendents, "Lullaby"

He wouldn't have cared for the Descendents, though.

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