Five Songs, 3/10/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 3/10/2022

Kid Koala, "The Fundamentals"

Floor Kids is the game soundtrack that Kid Koala did, because it's not enough for him to be a musican, composer, and artist, it was time to work on a game also. It's a fun rhythm game around breakdancing, and I recommend it, and of course the soundtrack is a good time.

The Skoidats, "Running Riot (live)"

A cover of the song by Cock Sparrer, in case you couldn't make out the intro. Uh, not a whole lot else to say here.

Crudbump, "Chomping Dub"

I mean, what can you say about this. Crudbump takes it to another level with a dub release, and it's just a hell of a thing.

The Pixies, "I Bleed"

Another in the "drums that go through my head all the time" genre, Dave Lovering's work on this song, especially that little roll on the toms during the chorus, will rattle through my brain with little warning. And, really, this entire song will come to me unbidden, which as curses go, really isn't too bad at all.

Samiam, "Cakewalk"

I noted the other day that my appetite for garage rock is more or less bottomless, even if it's not all super differentiated. Well, the same can be said for early 90s pop punk, I listen to tons of it, and I'm sure it all sounds the same to most people, but I don't care, I love it.

Joshua Buergel
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