Five Songs, 3/15/2018
Five Songs

Five Songs, 3/15/2018

The Management would like to apologize for yesterday's entry. Those responsible have been sacked. Let's try this again today.

Less Than Jake, "Just Like Frank"

We're not rid of the ska, apparently! Actually, Less Than Jake really are barely ska at all. They have the occasional ska song, but they're really a punk band. And a good one! Have I made that point before? I probably have. Whatever. Here at Five Songs, Quality is Job Six or Seven On A Good Day.

New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble, "Buttah"

Yeah, now THAT'S ska! That's the stuff, y'all. Just relax and let that wash over you.

The McRackins, "Slap The Monkey"

Here's a fun game! When you hear that opening "three chords and a cloud of dust", see how fast you can identify which Ramones worshippers it is! Sometimes it actually is the Ramones!

This Will Destroy You, "A Three-Legged Workhorse"

Opener to the self-titled album from post-rock band This Will Destroy You, there's something very Tortoise-meets-Mogwai about this track. And, well, that's kind of the thing about post-rock. You can sort of describe it as either "kinda like Tortoise", "kinda like Mogwai" or "kinda like Godspeed You! Black Emperor" and you've covered most of the bands. Anyway, I didn't like this album enough at the time to pursue more of their discography. But, I'm kind of liking this!

Arctic Monkeys, "This House Is A Circus"

Why did I stop following these guys? This is a fun song! I'm going to go buy more of their stuff!

Joshua Buergel
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