Five Songs Special, 3/14/2018
Five Songs

Five Songs Special, 3/14/2018

Happy Pi Day! I do not celebrate Pi Day usually. I have occasionally done something for Pi Approximation Day, though. Let's do a special!

The Pietasters, "Night Owl (Live)"

So, in case you haven't guessed, our special word for today is "pie". As with some previous specials, I searched my library for our magic word, and shuffled between those songs. There was a significant risk of a lot of Pietasters today. (UPDATE: indeed there was.) Anyway, the Pietasters were a third wave ska act who made one out-of-character tremendous album (Oolooloo) and an assortment of lesser albums. This is from a decent live album, Strapped Live!, where most of the best songs are from Oolooloo. So, you know, that album is really good!

The Beautiful South, "A Little Piece of Advice"

A song from Painting It Red, a late career album that hasn't stuck with me at all.

Chokebore, "One Easy Pieces"

Here's a track from that studio album I have from Chokebore. I mean, this is fine, but it doesn't really grind my gears either.

The Pietasters, "Freak Show"

Aaaaand here's a track from that album! What do I like about this album? Stephen Jackson is actually singing, which was unfortunately a bit of a rarity in the third wave. The main groove is tight and restrained. The horns are organic to the song, present without necessarily being ostentatious. It's a song written with purpose, other than being a smirking doof.

(a couple paragraphs up)

The Pietasters, "Dub-Fi (Superdeformed Mix)"

OK, look, I have regrets. And, um, five Pietasters albums. Look, I should have known how this would go. But I feel like it would be against the spirit of the thing to put my thumb on the scale at this point. So, here we have (looks at cue card) a "hilarious" dub song.

And I think we're done here.

(ok, come on, you're not even paying attention any more)

Joshua Buergel
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